Monday, 5 December 2011

New Haircut!

This is my shortest haircut after so many years... but I love this new look.... =)

Work is still busy as ever and never ending. Just finished our first anniversary celebrations for the cafe and yes.... it's been a year...

Come to think about it, time really flies.. it's already december and christmas is just around the corner. Gosh, I have not even shop for any presents yet. It's gonna be a doubly busy month. There is so much things I wana accomplish but it seems like time is really running short.

& coming to a new year... it's the time again for new year resolutions. Got to really start thinking and planning...

Some pics to share for my weekend updates...

A day before I decided to chop my hair off....

Outfit for Boat Quay Ayala champagne launch party

Drinks @ GEMS bar

Friday night dinner after work:
Dress from Korea
Newlook Bag
New mobile phone cover! <3

On my way to cafe on Saturday afternoon... preparing for our 1st anniversary party!

Met my sister for lunch and "supposely" x'mas shopping but nothing to my liking and bought nothing.

Outfit of the day: Outerwear and bag from korea
Basic tank and shorts from Bysi
Accessories from Diva

1st anniversary party & celebrating Tommy's birthday! 

Happy Birthday Tommy! Our chef...

We look like sisters.. OMG..

That's all for now... have a good week ahead!


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