Monday, 28 November 2011

Outfits Update!!

Sorry for the lag of posting... Just a little update on my outfits! Here they come =)

Outfit to work: Meeting with MOM
Top from Bysi
Zara Skirt
Guess Shoes
Newlook Bag and Scarf
Diva Ring

Outfit to work:
Top and belt from Vintage shop
Basic and Skirt from Newlook
Shoes from Guess

Top from Zara
Forever21 Skirt
Pedro Shoes
Newlook Ring and belt
Friday outfit!
Top from Forever21
Skirt from Bysi

Casual weekend outfit
Dress from dhoroty Perkins 

Outfit for late night chill out session @ Ann Siang
Top from Bysi
Shorts from Newlook
Clutch fro Mitjsu
Outfit to work & also to the dentist for my very first wisdom tooth extraction.
Jumpsuit from Robbinson.. forgot the brand but it's super comfy...

Thats's all for now and more to come.... & I'll be going for my haircut today!!!!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

谢谢你啦,小菜一盘.... 23/11/2011


Thursday, 17 November 2011

a little trip around Singapore Town...

peek into the heart of Singapore! Photos taken when taking the Singapore flyer on my sister's company dinner and dance!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Weekend Colours.....

Our new invention! Yummy~

Still a busy week though, coming up with christmas themes and decorations! Went for my long waitied shopping session last Saturday but bought nothing... Caught another movie though and it was a pretty nice show.

My new Hello Kitty phone cover

Newlook basic top, shorts and belt
Short cardi from Taiwan
Bysi bag & Grendha jelly shoes

Friday, 11 November 2011

Introducing my ugly teeth....

I don't like the gaps in my teeth it looks like I have lost a tooth from far... that's why I always smile with my big mouth close... but I do not wish to wear a braces too... so I'm trying very hard now to love my ugly teeth by showing them off to everybody... hahahahaa

Smiling showing my teeth is so not natural....

Outfit for work:
Dress from M)phosis
Outer Cardi from korea
Wedges from Ness
Ring from DIVA

I love this flora prints...

Friday outfit... Rainy day....
Long tank top both from topshop
Outerwear from Newlook

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fall 2011 Hair Trends: Party-Perfect Ponytails

5 ways to wear ponytail this party season

Take a simple ponytail and upgrade it to something dressier and chicer for the party season. Fall's runways showcased plenty of gorge party-ready ponytail creations.

1) Oh-so-pretty ribbon headband

Embrace your girly side by accessorizing with a band of ribbon for an elegant ballerina-inspired look.

How to:
Blow-drying with a round brush to add volume at the roots. Pull hair back into a low ponytail, secure with an elastic, and wrap hair around the base to conceal the elastic. Then, wrap a thin piece of ribbon over the crown and tie the ends at the nape.

2) Knotted ponytail

This partially pulled-through sleek pony looks so effortlessly chic.

How to:
Blow-dry hair straight, using a flat iron to smoothen ends if needed. Tie hair back at the nape with an elastic, making a loopy ponytail. Spray with hairspray for hold.

3) Put a ring on it

Rumpled ponytails were given a touch of luxe. The beauty of this look is that it's so quietly sophisticated.
How to:
Prep hair with a texturizing spray. Make a low pony, twist the tail and thread it through a ring. To secure the style, Hanlon used a riveted black elastic around the inner base to keep the ring from sliding off.

4) Tucked-under pony

A fresh spin of the classic ponytail was spotted at Vera Wang -- loose, slightly teased hair was tucked under at the base so you don't see the elastic, telegraphing an air of chic nonchalance.

How to:
Spritz hair with light hairspray before blow-drying straight. Lightly tease hair to add volume, then tie into a ponytail, securing the base under itself with pins.

A little colours to lift up the dull week...

Yep yep... testing out my new phone camera but it's still blur yeahhh... that's because I have not remove the screen protector.. clearer pictures coming soon.. I promise.. Enjoy the rest of the week...

Outfit to work:
Top from dorothy Perkins
Bysi Skirt and Belt
Pedro Shoes

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My long weekend!

Yup... another long weekend just passed.. So what have I done?

*Bought a new DVD player and TV for my room
*Clean up a corner in my room for a TV corner
*Bought my new phone! Yes! Iphone 4s
*Went shopping for new items in my closet =)
*Watched a horror late night ghost movie

Sounds well packed?? Yeap, everything was great except for the loss of sleep....

*Slept late almost everyday due to my new TV, exploring my new phone and watching the mid night show....

So after a long break, I'm more tired...

Here are the pics:

Outfit for Sunday:
Bysi Top and Bag
Newlook Shorts and belt
Hush Puppies Wedge

Outfit to movie:
Top and Belt from Taiwan
Bysi shorts
Bag and shoes same as above
Popcorn from GV =P
Stay tune for more photos with my new phone yay!

Friday, 4 November 2011


Outfit to work on a friday! Yay!!

Basic Top from Forever 21
Mini from GAP
Scarf from Bysi
Will upload more photos and updates during the long weekend! Monday is another public holiday! Yay Yay Yay!!!!

Oh did I say I'm plaining to get my new iphone 4s? I'm seriously in need of a better phone camera to stop these blur photos.... or maybe I should start bringing my camera around....

Anyway, Enjoy and have Fun!!!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011






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