Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Picture OTD!!!

Introducing my boyfriend...

What a funny shot.. hahaha... now his normal self....



Outfit on Hari Raya!

Top from Blogshop
Shorts from Newlook
Leggings from Mark & Spencer
Outfit to work:

Basic from F21
Pants from Basic House
Shoes from Pedro
Outfit for work (Public Holdiay Eve)

Basic Top & Bottom from Newlook
Kimino Outerwear from Topshop
Flats from Grendha

Outfit to Natas Fair

Basic from Bysi
Bow denim dress from Newlook

Saturday, 27 August 2011

My Outfits Update!

Apologise for the blurr photos for my outfits updates (mou). I'm currently using my Iphone 3g for the photos that i took. But.. I'm changing my phone soon, so I promise clearer photo soon in October.. =P 
Plus, I hate to carry heavy bags so I don't always carry my camera around, unless necessary.

So here we go, my outfit last friday and also my new items =)

Crop top from Blogshop
Demin dress from Newlook
Flats from Melissa

Highly recommended!! Super comfortable =)
1 of my favourite shoe brands!
Visiting the NATAS fair tomorrow... will upload more photos on that. Happy Weekend =)

President Election Day!

27 August 2011, we are going to have our new president today! Singapore....

Casted my vote today. Did it for the first time as I was staying in Tanjong Pagar district and the previous GE was a walkover.

It was quite fast no queue. Went back to my former secondary school to vote and as I walked around the premise, I do remember the olden school days. Quite a pity though as they actually block out certain areas in the school. I would definitely wish to visit my classroom and the pool oh and also the canteen.

& now, waiting for the results....

Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Outfits Update!

Top From BYSI
Full Mini from Zara
Pumps from Guess

Top from Topshop
Skirt from Bysi
Belt from accessories
Bag Samantha Thavasa

Top from Blogshop
Lace mini from F21
Basic and Mini skirt from Newlook
Outerwear from Korea
Pumps from Guess

Babydoll Top from Dorothy Perkins
Full Mini from Joop
Sling Back from Pedro

 Love them lots!

Picture OTD!!!


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My all time favourite!

My sis did this up for me... hahahaha... and she said that they all looked the same...

From left to right:
Aaron kwok, Vic Zhou,Joe Cheng, Kim Hyun Joong & Jang Guen Suk!
I'm sure I will have more to add to the list...

So what's Up...

Got my hair and fringe trimmed....

Thought this photo look a little ghostly... Next,

Any difference? Actually yes... haha *spot the difference*

and today, I got it curl a little... New Look...

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Kim Hyun Joong Singapore 2011

So let me blog about his arrival to Singapore!

Got an amazing gift from Resort World Sentosa! VIP passes to Meet & Greet session with Kim Hyun Joong...
I think you can get the passes for min spending of $160 at The Face Shop... but being not a fan of Face shop, I never thought that I would be going to see him. Thanks to resort world, i got the free tickets!

So here are the photos!

My Outfits Updates!

So here we go...

Basic tube from Newlook, Wrap dress from M)phosis

To cable car ride: Top & Vest Newlook, Shorts from Bysi

Tube and Skirt from Newlook

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My new love~

Introducing my new love!!

Of course he is still my top favourite *Kim Hyun Joong*

& new on list *Jang Keun Suk*

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Updates Updates Updates....

What have I done last weekend: (recalling)

*Thursday - Celebrated my colleague birthday at the club hotel (YingYang)

Outfit to YingYang
Top from F21
Mini from Newlook
Pumps from GUESS

*Spend my friday night out with my girlfriends and sister @ Dempsey La Salsa.. it's a nice mexican bar and food was great too... We went there for our October trip discussion...

*Saturday - Did some researching on Net for Bali...  However, after meet up again, we decided on Phuket instead... So in October, Here we come Phuket!

* Sunday - Spend my lovely afternoon having Dim Sum lunch with my mum and sis @ Taste Paradise! and YES! again... I loved the quality of the food there! Yummy...

*Monday Blues... Rainny weather and busy day... Work starts now..

Top and Skirt from BYSI
Sling Back from Pedro
Little details, Love the Bow

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