Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Le Chocolat Cafe - Ann Siang Hill

Still a busy week... lag of posting but I promise i'll be back with more excitinbg pictures after my Phuket trip this coming Saturday!!! (Can't wait). Meanwhile, I'll share some of the art works this week for...

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Agologies for the lack of updates! I have been really busy this week... designing new menu for Le Chocolat Cafe, doing up mail drops and etc etc...

Also busy preparing my phuket itinery! Yes finally my long awaited holiday... Would be spending 5 days in Phuket with SDH gals and celebrating xiao hua and ye hua's 30th Birthday!

So brainstorming sessions for the perfect celebration has been keeping me busy too... Stay tunned for the amazing photos...

So here are some of my outfits for the past week. Heading down to orchard later to grab some ideas and costumes for the theme party!

Outfit to work on Friday:
Dress from People of Asia
New look outerwear
Lace scarf from Taiwan

Dorothy Perkins Basic Top
Topshop Pants
Newlook Belt and Shoes

Dress from Newlook
I just love the details....
Hopefully I'll update my outfit for today tomorrow...

Thanks for reading...
Hereby, wishing all of you a happy weekend =)

Thanks for reading...

Monday, 19 September 2011


So.. what have I done last weekend? Here we go...

Outfit to work on friday:

Stradivarus Top
Topshop mash skirt
Newlook Belt
 Saturday Special - Went dorothy perkins fashion advisors launch party, caffine boosting, dinner at billy bombers & lastly smurf movie.... La La La La La La~~ Sing a happy song...

Newlook Top and Ring
BYSI shorts, scarf and bag

So Sunday... Drinks @ Oyster Bar before KTV session!!! Sing to our hearts content...

Top and Basic from F21
Shorts, Chian & Belt from Newlook
Bag from Bysi

That's ye hua & her beer

It's really an enjoyable weekend... Even though it's full and pack of programs, I'm not tired t all...
Great catch up sessions... That's all for today... Good Night all.... <3 <3 <3

Friday, 16 September 2011

MOU - before the weekend....

Outfit to work....

This top is one of my favourite! the first time I saw it displayed, I immediately laid my hands on it =)
The material is really comforable. I just LOVE it....
Top from Topshop
Bysi Skilrt
Booties from Gripz
And I'm gonna end my post with my big heads montage... Enjoy your weekend! I'm going to catch the 3D smurf show on staurday night! Looking forward =)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Rainy Wednesday....

After the bad weather, it's finally raining... yay~ Hopefully the skies will be clar after the heavy rain.

I actually do really love rainy days but I don't know why singaporeans here do not like rain.. They thought of it as troublesome I guess.. to bring along an umbrella everywhere you go. But when it rains at an inconvenient time of the day, I chose to believe that someone out there needs it badly...

Outfit to work:

Love the details on this top
Top from Taiwan
Bysi Skirt & Clutch
Guess Heels
I am feeling so.. so.... sleepy today... Thanks to the filling lunch and City Hunter DVD which I watched last night till 2am... Nevertheless, it was indeed a great show.. Not only that the main lead is Lee Min Ho (Owwwww) but also that the story line was interesting.... Shall continue today...

Enjoy the rest of the week~

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

MOU ~into prints~

The weather in Singapore is really bad these few days. Maybe due to the haze that we got from our neighbouring country forest fire, the air is so foggy and stuffy. With the addition to the overpowering heat, It really makes me feel like staying indoor all day long with the airconditions on..

For a weather like this today, here's my outfit!

Dress from Topshop
Scarf from Bershka
Belt from Newlook
Heels from Guess

Monday, 12 September 2011

MOU - 12/09/2011

Monday Blues....

Started off today badly... received a nasty email in the morning and there... it spoils my mood for the whole day.. I really don't understand why some people can be so irresponsible at work. As long as it is not in your job scope does it means that it's non of your problem? Why?...

Anyway, my outfit for today...

Dorothy Perkins Basic, F21 Top &
Skirt and pumps from Newlook
Hope your Monday is better than mine =)

Enjoy the rest of the week....

Sunday - Shopping Finally -

Sunday Line Up:

Outfit on Sunday:
F21 Top and Shorts
Newlook Cardi and Belt

Went to Chongqing Mala Restuarant @ Suntec for Hotpot (Yummy)....
One of my favourite retaurant. I can have hotpot in my menu everyday and that's how muchI love hotpots! Never sick of them...

Went shopping at Suntec newlook! They got this promotion on of buying the 2nd item @ $2 storewide.. that's a great buy!

Joined the H&M craze in Singapore and went to take a look at the newly opened outlet at Orchard Building... But came out with nothing.. It does not look as attractive as the other outlets overseas.. It seems to be just another bigger UNIQLO...

On our way, we saw these smurfs at Orchard MRT...

Spotted the SCAPE Flea Market and went to have a look. Thinking of sourcing a place for Flea for long and found out that the crowd over there was good. The variety was wide too... Kind of a perfect place... Got to do more findings on this....

Went 313 after this for more shopping before heading home...

That's about my sunday. Hope yours was good too =)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Super long - Saturday Night Gallery...

Thinking of a blog idea and decided to blog on pictures which I have took in the past... Lets Go!

SDH 1st Trip to Taiwan think in 2007 or 2008

Took this when I was 21... 5 years ago and OMG I'm 26 now...

& this was my long hair days.. Think this was the longest hair I have got so far... (In 2008)

Could'nt stand the strong heat in singapore and decided to chop off my long hair.. & the outcome..
@ Singapore Flyer

Christmas in 2008

With Johnny @ Indochine (2009)
2nd SDH Taiwan Trip.... We love Taiwan so much that we are going back again for the 3rd time next year...

taken at Alishan

@ Sentosa
2010 @ Watami central
New Year 2010

Advance Birthday Celebration 

SDH Trip to KL

2010 Birthday
Dinner & Dance at RE Hotel

Universal Studios Sentosa (2011)

Add caption
Thats all for today! Thanks for reading =)
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