Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Updates! Spooky....

Location: Clarke Quay
Casts: Jean, Eugene, Kangloong, Philip and ME!!!

The creepy doll look...

@ work... Le Chocolat Cafe...

Right: Philip, Eugene & Kang Loong....

Me and my proud Masterpiece....

That eye brown is just too funny.....

KFC and Wendys

Mine was fun! Hope you enjoyed yours too.....
能够善待我不太喜欢的人,并不代表我虚伪,而是我内心成熟到可以容纳这些不喜欢..... 知道了吗? 知道那就闭嘴...
Being nice to someone I dislike doesn’t mean that I'm fake. It means that I'm just  mature enough to tolerate the dislike towards them....

Friday, 28 October 2011

MOU Part 2

I'm currently reading a book, it is about positive thinking and finding the right happiness in life.... It states that life is like a jigsaw puzzles, with a million pieces that need to be put together. There are times when nothing seems to be fitting together quite right and you feel that all you'll ever have is just one giant pile of pieces... But don't get frustrated. Get inspired. Because soon you will see the big picture ;) That's pretty motivational.

Btw, it's a chinese book and following are some of the quotes I love so far in my reading:

4. 选择自己所爱的,爱自己所选择的。

& MOU on D&D and Girl's night out =) 

Outfit to D&D: Summer Lush @ Singapore Flyer
Top & Skirt from Far East Plaza
Clutch from Mitju
Ring from Diva

Outfit to Girls night out at Titanum & St James
Basic from Stradivarus
Shorts & Outerwear from Bysi

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


今天觉得身边的人那么多,事实上懂自己的有几个。个手指就足够了? 连一个也没有.....

Top and Outerwear from Newlook
Shorts from Bysi
Accessories from Diva

Monday, 24 October 2011

MOU - Part 1

So.... here's what I wore for the past week..

To work:
Dress from Dorothy Perkins
Heels from Guess

Basic Tee from Newlook
Pokka Dress from Cache Cache
Dorothy Perkins heels

Dress from m)phosis
Outerwear from Newlook
Guess Heels
On a friday:
Jumpsuit from Phuket
Heels, Belt and Cardi from Dorothy Perkins
 & My DIY lady GAGA outfit!!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Updates =)

Sorry for the lack of postings! How 's your week so far? T.G.I.F?

Another busy week passed... and still.. more to come but admist my busy schedule, I have always enjoyed spending my weekend not work related.

This week was a fruitful week, managed to clear loads of my wardrobe and stocks during the flea market @ SCAPE. Sales was pretty good.

Celebrated my sis and vivian birthday at SENKI Japanese restaurant followed by the sinful desserts at Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar at Pier Robertson on Wednesday. The food was pretty good for the price. $35++ per person for their A-la carte buffet dinner. Selection was wide.

Dessert was really good! We enjoyed our gathering in the indulgence.

and this weekend line-up:

Saturday: Dinner & Dance (Summer lush) @ the Singapore Flyer
Sunday: Planning to visit JB for a day trip (malaysia) to celebrate a friend's birthday!

Yay!!! Look for to the weekend! Enjoy yours too...
I'll post up my outfit updates soon...

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Le Chocolat Cafe - Halloween Cupcakes!

Le Chocolat Cafe

Opening Hours: Daily from 7:30am till 11:00pm

Visit us @ 28 Ann Siang Road
The Club Hotel
Singapore 069708

Tel: 68082184

Picture OTD...

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who do not...

Mum & Dad

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Vol 2 - Part I

Day 2 - Patong Beach - Bangla Street...

Bann Laimai -
Pool was really BIG! rooms were good, location was great as it was really
near to the busy bangla street but service seriously sucks!

Breakfast was delicious for the 1st day... it became less yummy when you have the same food for 4 days. 

Land tour packages to choose from!

 Because of the unhappy encounter with the hotel, we manage to set off only at noon.

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