Friday, 28 October 2011

MOU Part 2

I'm currently reading a book, it is about positive thinking and finding the right happiness in life.... It states that life is like a jigsaw puzzles, with a million pieces that need to be put together. There are times when nothing seems to be fitting together quite right and you feel that all you'll ever have is just one giant pile of pieces... But don't get frustrated. Get inspired. Because soon you will see the big picture ;) That's pretty motivational.

Btw, it's a chinese book and following are some of the quotes I love so far in my reading:

4. 选择自己所爱的,爱自己所选择的。

& MOU on D&D and Girl's night out =) 

Outfit to D&D: Summer Lush @ Singapore Flyer
Top & Skirt from Far East Plaza
Clutch from Mitju
Ring from Diva

Outfit to Girls night out at Titanum & St James
Basic from Stradivarus
Shorts & Outerwear from Bysi


  1. I like your post! Books are great to think about new perspectives !



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